About TeloRegen | Telomere Therapy for Regenerative Medicine

Our Team

TeloRegen is a USA Biotech Company committed to changing healthcare forever! We're a Michigan based biotech company with a published pending patent for a practical Telomere Therapy in regenerative medicine. TeloRegen Telomere therapy will treat / prevent the many diseases of aging at their root cause: cell aging; and will enhance recovery from injuries, such as concussions or other trauma. Telomeres are the end part of chromosomes, which shorten as cells divide, acting as an aging clock for cells. Telomere Therapy regenerates the telomeres of cells, restoring youthful cellular function throughout the body. Our vision is more decades of youthful health for everyone. (TeloRegen.com)

TeloRegen - Douglas Coyle
Douglas Coyle
Co-Founder/Chief Science Officer

Born in Leamington, Ontario, Canada, Mr. Coyle studied Engineering Physics at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, specializing in Materials Science and Nuclear Engineering. He follows innovations in the sciences and technology, including biology, mathematics, engineering, and economics. He has a life-long interest in how the world works at all levels; in how new ideas evolve; and in how change occurs. His approach to evaluating new technologies is to apply first principles analysis and systems level thinking: What is possible? What are the physical limits? How can the system level organization be improved and innovated upon?

TeloRegen - Tim Turczyn
Tim Turczyn
Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Turczyn is Chief Executive Officer for the newly formed TeloRegen, Inc., an international biotech company with a published patent pending for a practical Telomere Therapy.

TeloRegen - Marc O Griofa
Dr. Marc O Griofa
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Marc O Griofa, MD (MB BCh BAO) PhD FAWM, received his medical degree from University College Dublin and his PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Limerick and is also a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.

TeloRegen - Dwight Foster
Dwight Foster
Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer

Born in Toronto, Canada, Mr. Foster is a Co-Founder of TeloRegen Inc. and currently resides in Rochester Hills, Michigan, with his wife, four children and five grandchildren.

TeloRegen - Anthony Humble
Anthony Humble
Co-Founder/Chairman of the Board

Anthony (Tony) Humble is the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Double Helix Corporation, and Executive Chairman of its exclusive Licensee Company, TeloRegen Inc.


Our Advisory Board

TeloRegen - TeloRegen Advisor - Jack Weiner
Jack Weiner
Former President and CEO of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

Jack Weiner, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (SJMO) has led the organization in a major cultural transformation and a $300 Million campus redevelopment. As a 443-bed tertiary community teaching hospital in Oakland County and under his leadership, SJMO became the regional leader in clinical quality and safety. The campus redevelopment and expansion includes the construction of a new Patient Tower that includes state of the art technology found in only one other hospital in the country.

TeloRegen Advisor - Nicole Fisher
Nicole Fisher
Founder and CEO of HHR Strategies

​Nicole Fisher is the founder and CEO of HHR Strategies, a health ​and human ​rights ​focused advising firm. She is also a senior policy advisor on Capitol Hill and expert on health reform, technology and brain health -​ specifically as they impact vulnerable populations. Fisher curates a monthly international dinner series, “A Seat at the Table,” bringing to-gether thought leaders for an off-the-record discussion of moving health policy and planning forward. She also runs the nonprofit Global Brain Health Coalition and is pursuing a doctoral degree in health policy at the University of North Carolina.